About Me

Hi, I'm Mightymom Sarah!

My husband of 13 years is Subvet. We have an 8 year old son "Sonshine" and a 7 year old son "Gator-boy" These two are teaching us that Autism is Fun! We also have a 5 year old daughter "Sugars" who's our resident Drama Queen!. Each of them is perfect in every way.

 I'm a full time Pediatric Nurse and a full time Mom and my hubby says this is what makes me "Mightymom."

 During my sanity breaks (there's no such thing as "free time" in this house!) I create crafts. I quilt, crochet, cross stitch, latch hook, and sew. The fruits of these sanity breaks can be found here at Made by Mightymom and many are for sale at my etsy shop www.madebymightymom.etsy.com

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