Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Example

This is a rosary I made for a friend.

It has a 2" long silver crucifix and
there are black beads crocheted into each large bead and on the middle triangle.

A rosary like this will sell for $20

Tell me, do you like it?  Any ideas for improving the design?  There is a wide variety of colors and crucifixes available.  

Those of you who know me from my other blog My Wonderful Life know that I'm all about the ToDoLists!   I love to set goals.  So you won't be surprised that I have a
Made by Mightymom ToDoList!

At the top of that list is Figure out Paypal. 
I've never used it before, much less as a vendor.  So if any of my dear blog buddies could give some pointers I'd be grateful for your input.

Make today a Great Day!!

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  1. Honestly, I would recommend maybe starting off on It will cost you a small amount (.20 for each listing) but will give you more exposure and offer lots of help with things like PayPal and the like. You should continue to blog and then once you are a little more established and are more comfortable with all the technical sides of online selling, you can move to selling solely on the blog. As far as setting up the stuff on the blog, I can be of little help, haha!